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Bar Cash Registers


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Bars are a fast-paced business and it is important that you have a quick, easy- to-use cash register system. With our bar/nightclub cash register you will be able to process transactions quickly while securing that bartenders are ringing up drinks under their own name with their employee login cards. Our bar/nightclub cash registers keep track of what drinks were sold, and even what type/brand of alcohol was sold with each drink.

The Ingredient tracking functionality reports how much liquor was used in each drink sold, this way you may compare it too how much liquor you actually have to help prevent theft. Our bar/pub cash registers may be updated to alphabetize your liquor menu and manage bar tabs making your bar run more efficiently. Configure your bar/nightclub cash register to pre-authorize a set dollar amount when a tab is opened. The customer name will automatically be pulled from the credit card and displayed on the screen.

ID scanning is an important factor when working in the bar/nightclub industry and our cash registers will ensure that you are selling your liquor to the appropriate customers. Our bar/nightclub cash registers ensure quick credit and debit card processing including tips. In addition, you will be able to track your employees’ hours, your average bar tab, and generate detailed reports.

Bar/Nightclub Cash Register Main Features:


Fast, easy to learn, and easy to use - includes optional touch screen, fast (2-second!) credit card authorizations, and supports everything from merchandise to fuel in one transaction.

Pub Cash RegistersPub Cash Registers


Decrease or eliminate shrinkage, stock outs, stock discrepancies, highest and lowest selling products, and track inventory movement. Track item costs and profit margins. Automate stock replenishment and direct store deliveries. Define multiple price levels, substitute items, multiple bar codes, and alternate units.


An age verification bar code scanner can be used to scan the bar codes on the back of the customer's license to verify their age. Scanning drivers' licenses helps mitigate the risk of selling tobacco or alcohol to minors.


Time clock and labor scheduling functionalities help you to manage shifts.


Monitor trends with six-week sales analysis. Print activity reports for specified periods. Daily exception reports monitor your voids, price overrides, etc. Analyze item sales history and know what is selling and what isn't.

Bar Cash RegistersBar Cash Registers


Retain, view, and report complete detail of every sale you make, or look at summaries and cross-analyses.


Track which ingredients you are selling to see best selling brands, and make sure your actual liquor amount matches to prevent theft.


Customer name is automatically displayed from the credit card and displayed on the screen, and you may set a dollar amount when a tab is opened.


Rapid POS is eager to help your bar/nightclub.  Our bar/nightclub cash register systems are used throughout the US.  We serve single store bars as well as bars with multiple locations across multiple states.  Our cash register system clients are in New York, Hawaii, everywhere in between, and especially our own backyard – Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange counties.

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